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When things are getting exciting, pick up the pace, talk a little louder. Use hand motions, too. When the story talks about God creating the sky big and wide, point to the sky and motion how big it is. Your excitement will naturally be contagious. They want to eat the same foods, wear the same clothes, play with the same toys, and read the same books over and over again. Use this to your advantage and read the same story every day for a week. We will also often flip back through the entire story after reading to look at the pictures again while we summarize what happened.

I will also ask him questions to see what he can remember. Just take an element of the story and make it into a game or act it out. When you play through a story, you have a great opportunity to reinforce themes and vocabulary from what you just read. For example, the other day K and I read the Noah story. Afterwards, I grabbed a laundry basket and some stuffed animals and K pretended to be Noah. The whole time we did this I called him Noah, cementing into his brain through play the name of the person God told to built a boat. We also talked about obeying God as he put the animals in the ark and pretended together that his boat was in the stormy flood.

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Did you like our Noah and the laundry basket example? Then you are going to love my series on my blog called Play Through the Bible! It meets tots right where they are with super simple crafts, hands-on activities, and kid friendly discussions. I knew I wanted to create this study because, although there are a ton of great resources out there, I was having a hard time finding something that was designed specifically for toddlers being taught at home by their parents.

There are a lot of great resources for individual stories, or church preschool curriculum, but not a lot that would take a toddler through the entire Bible, without requiring me to take little bits from here and there around the internet. I love providing resources to help you mamas build a happy home with easy and fun Christ-centered ideas! You are doing an amazing job, mama! She writes at Happy Home Fairy where you can find easy craft ideas, FREE printables, simple recipes, holiday fun, thoughts on raising kids, and encouragement for moms.

May the Lord continue to give you wisdom…and strength. I just need to focus some energy on advertising haha. I could not figure out if I could post one on here. Everyone keeps talking about it. Thanks for all the helpful links — we needed some more advent ideas! Favorite Crock Pot Meals. This is a great idea, I am so excited to get started! Do you know if there is a difference between the regular Jesus Storybook Bible and the Deluxe Edition? Are they worth having? I just received the regular Bible from Amazon — so excited to start the Advent reading plan!

The holidays took me by storm this year. Hope you had a beautiful Christmas!

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DIY on a dime: How to make a toddler loft bed out of an old crib in 10 simple steps. Both leave me in […]. There is no Christmas […]. We love the Jesus the story book Bible! What a great advent reading plan. Zambiza Dump Christmas Party. Well, I know there are hundreds of thousands of families in love with your work. How cool to know that many will also be using it deliberately over Christmas to help teach their children The Story.

Thank you for sharing! We love The Jesus Storybook Bible. And love people who share their intentional ideas! The Lord inspired in me some Advents thoughts that turned into 11 conversations to have as a family. The conversations are called This is How We Welcome. And I love this: Growing friendships in the season of mothering littles Hard, but worth it. I plan to take the 24 Jesus Storybook Bible stories and make little felt ornaments to coincide as part of the daily advent lead-up.

Blessings in your ministry and as you prepare for Advent! Thanks for the list of stories…I cry nearly every time with every story! I lived in Malaysia for a short time in — in Penang. I absolutely fell in love with it! Blessings to you guys as you spend the holidays home but far from home.

Love Yourself — Is that buried within the Greatest Commandment? She includes a free printable with an Advent reading plan using stories from The Jesus Storybook […]. We already read the first story, but I want to do this for Advent, but not sure I can wait. But, truely is a wonderful idea. Going to try and do it. I came across this idea the other day. There is a printable reading plan and we will also have some printed and available for you to pick up this Sunday.

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Copies of the […]. We just started reading the Storybook Bible with Adrienne and I love the way it stirs my love for Scripture. Maybe spending the month of December in it will gear you up to try a new Bible reading plan in ? This article is helpful. You could use the stories as a basis for the verses you write on your […].

That seems like a great idea and I wanted to pass it on to you. If you have a particular I […]. Thank you for putting this together! I have done a similar thing in years past, but I have never been this organized: We love the Storybook Bible and look forward to counting down the days until Christmas!

STORYTIME: My Disability & God

Are You a Leader or a Manager? How Leadership Changes Our Parenting. We love how this storybook bible so beautifully portrays the anticipation of the coming of Jesus […]. It seemed like a pretty neat Bible so we got it. You can find a free, printable reading plan and a description of how one mom uses the Jesus Storybook Bible during Advent with her children here. Which is 24 — one per day in December leading up to Christmas Eve.

The Jesus Storybook Bible. A simple reading plan for Advent that uses our favorite Bible. Today a day late, because […]. I then found a reading plan here from the Jesus Storybook Bible, which we already owned and printed that out. Then I looked up […]. We decided to use the Jesus Storybook Bible reading guide from http: Our activities include everything from […]. Joe is always asking for the next one. The pictures are so colorful and the stories are written in a way that is appealing to both […].

Just found this tonight, but I love it for next year! I made clay Jesse Tree ornaments using the Jesus Storybook Bible illustrations for inspiration a few years ago. Love how this all ties together! If you have this kids bible here is the link. There are 24 Old Testament stories that mention the birth of Christ and then the actual Christmas […].

Hi Adriel, I just read reiews on Amazon of this book just to get a better idea about it. Do you find this to be true? Any thoughts you can share would be appreciated: But, yes, I love this bible. The language and artwork is inspiring. It takes the various […]. Why not start a new tradition using your Jesus Storybook Bible?! Adriel Booker provides a printable reading guide to help your family keep Christ in Christmas!

You can find it here. We will also be following this advent reading plan that uses the Jesus Storybook Bible my favourite ever kids bible. Here are a […]. The last is what I am […]. Our favorite thing to do during advent is to pray over an unreached people group each night.

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Our friends made an Advent Calendars and 24 nations dolls to go with it. The dolls are small ornaments and they each have card in story format about them. We read our Bible story, then read the card and pray for these people that God loves and also came for. It is such a beautful, rich time. Even a way to incorporate the Jesus Storybook Bible, which my kids and us! Thank you so much for this post! Thank you again for sharing! Questions as a Bible Newbie. Do you own the Jesus Storybook Bible?

Here is a reading plan using the stories there to reach Christmas day. Our kids need something on their level […]. And every year I think: I really should capitalize on all that traffic […]. In the story about Moses and the Red Sea, I was reminded of our journey through infertility to conceive the girls and how I had NO idea what to do.

Should we pursue adoption? Should we pursue fertility treatments? Should we just stop all thoughts of having more children? It was a confusing, devastating time. I wanted to do what God wanted me to do, but at the same time my heart was crying out for more children. I was angry and jealous of others and sad and frustrated……but not trusting that God had a plan and would reveal it to us in due time. After our miscarriage we tried once more, only to be met with failure, and we were out of time.

The army was moving us to Kansas from the Seattle area in June. When we met with our fertility specialist in Seattle and she asked what we wanted to do, we told her we were done. We told her that we were moving to Kansas and we were just done. We moved and ended up meeting with the doctor and, long story short, became pregnant with twins the following January God will do it for you.

God will make a way!

Tobit - Chapter 14

God knew the way—and one day, he showed us. Just as He promised. I must trust Him. God knows your struggle. God knows the way. He will show you. He will lead you, if you only trust Him and listen to Him. Seek Him, praise Him, love Him through the storm. All the best-known stories in the Bible Noah, Jonah, David, Daniel… to enjoy a wonderful storytelling time with your kids. Try before you buy: FREE books to begin reading in minutes!

If you want to keep your kids engaged in the Bible Stories, this app is for you. If you are looking for a faithful resource for effective Bible teaching, this app is for you. Use the books for your bedtime reading.

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